Voice Interfaces


BĂ©lo is an Airbnb voice assistant which makes the check-in process for guests hassle-free, answers their queries during their stay, eases the process of checkout and makes them feel like home when the host is not present.

Protected: Socially Aware Assistants

This project explores conversational strategies people use to maintain/build rapport when talking with other humans. Using the same strategies, we train virtual assistants with social awareness to build a social relationship with their users. This relationship can be used to elicit the user’s interests and preferences which can then be used to improve the assistant's recommendations.

Alexa Skills

I researched on the challenges people face while finding new Alexa skills using current skill discovery tools. Based on my research findings, I propose ideas to redesign the current Alexa app and the current design of recommending skills by voice.


Through our own design form of an intelligent personal assistant (IPA), Pebble, we explore the role of physical motion in defining social relationships people have with their IPAs.

Screen-based and Tangible Interfaces


I identified the cause of high drop-off rate on Cardekho’s mobile model overview page and redesigned the page based on my findings.

Eaton Emergency Communication Network (ECN)

We worked with Eaton to design a platform to connect disaster survivors with their loved ones and first responders when the conventional communication infrastructure fails after a disaster.

MHCI Capstone project with Eaton


I designed and developed a virtual reality application for people who have no time to relax to give them a de-stressing experience.


We designed a peer to peer economy platform to connect hosts, chefs, and diners in close neighborhoods through shared dining experiences.


We designed a tangible interactive system for a use case of teaching currency denomination splitting to specially-abled children to highlight the importance of tangible systems in education.

Best Student Paper Award winner at the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, India HCI 2015.


We designed an augmented reality application for people suffering from social isolation by helping them relive the memories attached with personal objects of high emotional value for them.

Runner-up in OzCHI 2015, International Student Design Challenge, Australia


Title: CoinBeam: A tangible interface to teach money concepts to intellectually challenged children

Published in: India HCI 2015, International conference on Human Computer Interaction, ACM Library

Authors: Deepika Mittal, Dipti Kumari, Pooja Dhaka, Samadrita Das

Read full paper here

Title: Memoirs: Reliving memories with loved ones
(An augmented reality application)

Published in: USB proceedings of OzCHI Conference 2015, Melbourne, Australia

Authors: Deepika Mittal, Dipti Kumari, Pooja Dhaka, Samadrita Das